Slushie Machine Repair

Slushie Machine Repair

Slushie Machine Repair

The first Slushie Machine invented in 1960 by Electro Freeze has set the standard in the frozen beverage industry.

As a restaurant owner, it is important to schedule and provide maintenance of your food service equipment.  Slushie Machines are expected to function literally 24×7 and is, therefore, manufactured with superior quality parts.  If it breaks down, it will hamper your operation, and no one wants to incur avoidable losses in their business.  With timely and periodic mandatory maintenance of your slushie machine, you are protecting your investment.  It is cheaper to maintain your slushie machine equipment than to request a service call from Ice Cream Specialties.

When your slushie machine is installed, you will also receive a printed instructional manual and possibly other support documentation.  Reviewing and using this material will provide long-term benefits to the life cycle of your slushie machine.

An Ounce of Prevention

Establishing a preventative maintenance and cleaning plan in which your slushie machine undergoes a periodic and regular service check will go a long way in eliminating slushie machine breakdowns and possible service disruptions.

Slushie Machine RepairPreventative Tips

  • Make sure the power supplied is what the slushie machine needs.
  • Make sure no other appliances will vent hot air onto the slushie machine, or into its condenser.
  • Make sure there is clear space as specified by the factory to allow good air flow around and through the unit.
  • Once the machine is in service, be careful not to block air flow through the condensing coil, inspect the condensing coil once a week to make sure that it’s clean, and clean it thoroughly as soon as you see any dust or grime build-up.
  • The condensing coil is the part of the machine that releases the heat picked up from the freezing slushie, so the cleaner the condensing coil is, the more efficiently the machine will freeze the slushie.
  • The compressor won’t have to run as long to freeze the product, which will result in a lower power bill, and a longer service life for the compressor.
  • Keep the operator’s manual for your slushie machine handy, and follow the guidelines about cleaning, inspection, re-assembly, lubrication, and sanitation carefully.
  • Careful lubrication of the right parts at the right places reduces friction between the moving parts, and the lubricant also acts as a sealant that prevents the mix from leaking around the seals.
  • Regularly, open the side and back panels of your slushie machine and inspect the interior to see if there are any deposits of leaked product.  If there are any deposits, clean them out to prevent insects from infesting the machine, and repair the seal that’s leaking.

Just like changing the oil and filters in an automobile, scheduled maintenance will help your slushie machine provide more reliable service.  Plus, careful cleaning and sanitation helps ensure that every batch of product will consistently be excellent.

If you should run across a problem with your slushie machine, our skilled technicians can properly service the slushie machine.  Our trained service technicians and diagnostic equipment enable us to perform repairs when you need them.

To minimize future repair bills consider a service agreement with Electro Freeze parts.  Our experts will tailor the agreement specifically to your needs and provide preventative maintenance that will keep all your slushie machine equipment up and running efficiently.

Our goal is to get you back in the business of serving smiles.